a joint project by SurgicEye, ImFusion and Klinikum der Universität München

Frequently asked questions

Software functionalities

How can I integrate our PACS server?

This part is dedicated to the IT specialist of your department. Please contact the according person within your department to set up the PACS server integration.

If the IT specialist runs into problems setting up the PACS, please contact the support@dose-plan.com

The visualization of the data sets disappeard?

Please click on the button “Reset display” on the top left corner. If the data sets don’t reapear, please restart the software.

Purchase and licencing

Can i share my token with collegues to install the software on another computer?

Your generated token is unique. For further installations, your collegues need to register separately in order to get a licence key on www.dose-plan.com/download

How much is the price for one licence?

We don’t have a general offer on DosePlan. Please contact the DosePlan Support at support@dose-plan.com for an individual proposal.