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Smart and time-saving dosimetry


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‘DosePlan’ is currently not certified as medical product. Yet, if you are interested in a certified version of it, please contact us.

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DosePlan: Clinical workflow integrated usability meets the world’s fastest dosimetry

Streamlining your IRT workflow. intelligent collaborative compliant

Smart and time-saving SIRT dosimetry

  • Internal radiotherapy planning
  • Tumor board revision
  • Post therapy validation
  • Treatment response evaluation

Advanced features

  • Patient-specific Monte Carlo simulations
  • Secure & encrypted cloud storage, computation, and access
  • Remote dosimetry service
  • Support for more radionuclides and systemic IRT, e.g. Lu-177

Automated registration and segmentation combined with one-click smart contouring

Automated registration

  • Fully automated and highly accurate multi-modal image registration
  • Optional deformable registration with priority to organ / regions-of-interest
  • Smart visualization of fused data

Automated segmentation

  • Fully automated anatomical segmentation
  • Liver lobe separation
  • Deep learning segmentation methods

Smart contouring

  • Quick lesion segmentation
  • Interactive refinement with intuitive tools
  • Automated labelling and volumetric calculations

Advanced dosimetry

  • Simultaneous activity calculation with all commonly used and custom methods
  • Á la carte dosimetry methods: dose kernels for multiple tissues, Monte Carlo simulations or custom models

Dose review

  • Review of dose to target and critical structures
  • Dose-volume histograms and statistics for detailed review
  • Comparison of plan and post-treatment images

Tumor board

  • Instant access to predefined workspace with all relevant information and image data
  • On-the-fly treatment plan adjustments with immediate feedback
  • Documentation and export of customized medical reports

Ready for the 2013/59/EURATOM Council Directive?

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Ready for EURATOM

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Optimizing workflow

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Speeding up decisions

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